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Wedding Videography Milwaukee

My love of movies and the filmmaking craft developed at a young age.  I grew up in movie theaters and video stores, watching everything at my disposal and soaking up as much information as possible to unlock the secrets of “movie magic.”  In elementary school I started making short stop-animation films with toys and my parents’ camcorder and spent countless hours writing stories.  My interest didn’t wane in my teens as I regularly wrote movie reviews for the Green Bay Press Gazette and worked for a local movie theater.


Following high school I took my pursuit of filmmaking to the next step by enrolling in the nation’s largest film program at Columbia College Chicago.  My time at Columbia allowed me to train in many facets of the filmmaking process including writing, producing, directing, editing, cinematography, and sound mixing/design.  My hard work and dedication to my education resulted in being selected as one of four directors to helm an Advanced Practicum Production – Columbia’s most prestigious program.  The Practicum was a rigorous semester long short film project designed to match the intensity of a professional movie studio production that included managing a crew of over a hundred people throughout the writing, shooting, and post-production processes.  At the end of my time at Columbia I graduated magna cum laude.


Although my work was being recognized at several film festivals, I was still contemplating how to best apply my newly refined filmmaking skills. In researching vendors for my own wedding I realized there was lack of videography options in Northeast Wisconsin, and those I could find did not meet my expectations in regards to quality and value.  Out of my frustration I realized I had the perfect opportunity to use my talents and knowledge.  I established ADC-Video with the mission to provide affordable wedding videography options to capture the story of the wedding day in a truly cinematic fashion.  My videos are considered "full-length," I include as much content as possible resulting in videos that are typically over an hour long.  As a videographer I only use the highest quality professional equipment including two full HD cameras, two powerful microphones plus a smaller clip-on mic and a digital recorder that plugs directly into the venue's sound system, various situational-based image stabilization equipment, and industry standard editing software.  


I look forward to working with you to create a video that will preserve the memories of your wedding and last a lifetime!


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